J Cafe

Located on fashionable Jizo-dori in downtown Hiroshima, J Café stands out during the day but really comes to life in the evening as a popular meeting point. Tokyo based interior designer Satoru Horie has created an inviting space where - a nice wide open space that makes good use of the natural light coming in from the giant glass doors that surround the place.

There is always a different mural on the back wall, usually seasonal or topical- always worth a look. They often change the front entrance as well, but you can always find it by the mangled "J" symbol which is often misinterpreted as the @ mark.

Inventive design touches are also at work in the WC, where the mirror serves to drain runoff from the sheet metal sink to down below where a bed of pebbles awaits.

Back on the wood plank floor, staff in stylized t-shirts, deliver cocktails, drinks light lunches (curry, toasted sandwiches and nasi goren), desserts and light snacks to patrons.

There is seating for about 40 on the very comfortable, oversized red sofas as well as along the bar. The design of the café delivers the desired effect: conversation is lively and people come to meet, laugh and talk in stylish surroundings.

Hours:  Weekdays: 12:00 - 02:00
              Weekends: 12:00-03:00

Address: Intersection of Heiwa 0dori, Namiki-dori and Jizo-dori
Tel: 082-242-1234
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